Welcome to Anime Crossroads 2024 Artist Alley! We are happy to see that you are interested in joining our March 1st-3rd, 2024 show. Anime Crossroads is held at the Events Center at Embassy Suites Plainfield.


Artist Alley Hours

Thursday Artist Setup: 8pm-12am
Friday Artist Setup: 7am-1pm
Friday Hours: 1pm-7pm
Saturday Hours: 10am-7pm
Sunday Hours: 10am-3pm

Exhibitor’s Hall Map




NOTE: If your website link is wrong, feel free to email and we can get that updated ASAP!

Booth Number Company Name Website, if available
A1 ToriKat
A2 Alexis Royce
A3 Sweet Geek Studio
A4 FrankenPup
A5 Unicorn Massacres
A6 Art by Little Miss Luna
A7 Weightless Sky Studio
A8 Shiny Things
A9 Marcotte Studios
A10 Sara Goodwin  
A11 Shoujo Havoc
A12 Haru Studios
A13 supahhan  
A14 Matcha Man Studio
A15 Tip Top & Pew-Pew  
A16 Studio 42 Books
A17 Fragrant Weeb
A18 Luwud
A19 Witchy Wish
A20 Angel Balms
A22 TomoCreations
A23 Lemon Penguin
A24 GlitchBerry


Anime Crossroads