Purchasing an Artist Alley Table at Anime Crossroads 2020 (“We”, “Anime Crossroads”, “Artist’s Alley”, “The Convention”) means that you agree to the terms and conditions listed below in this legally binding contract. Please read the following information carefully. Please feel free to ask questions regarding anything you do not understand.

If you, any helpers/assistants or others associated with the purchased table fail to abide by the rules that are in place, you risk violating the contract and forfeiting your table without refund.


This year’s Anime Crossroads will be hosted at the Indianapolis Marriott East

February 21st – 23rd, 2020.

Hotel Information:

Indianapolis Marriott East

7202 E 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Phone: (317) 352-1231

Any additional, non-artist alley questions and concerns may be asked via our Facebook group at: or emailed to:



Table costs are $150 per table with one badge. Artist badges are $30 each, with a limit of three. Extra charges caused by Paypal are expected to be paid by artists. Each Artist Badge comes with A bag lunch.  Choice of Turkey, Ham, Cheese, or PBJ, a Bag of chips and a drink. Vegetarian contact Artist Head for other lunch options.

An additional table is limited, however, can be purchased for an additional $100. This does not come with a badge an additional badge. 2 tables maximum allowed.

All payments are to be made by  Paypal (Paypal payment to be sent to made out in US funds.  If sending as a business transaction please add 3%

Payments are due within 2 weeks or confirmed application.

Application Requirements

All artist alley hopefuls are required to submit an application/portfolio of the artwork you plan to sell at the convention. This portfolio should include:

  • Name of the head seller and any helpers (Legal names that can be confirmed with ID)
  • Phone Number/s to be reached by at the convention
  • E-Mail Address
  • Artist’s webpage (if available) to be used in programs/brochures
  • A mock setup of your artist alley table, displaying your merchandise. If you have sold at previous conventions, a photo of your setup will be fine. If not, please look online for examples of artist alley tables, and set up a mock-table at home! If your setup has a backdrop, we must be made aware or there is no guarantee that you will be able to use it at the show.
  • Six (or more) detailed examples of your work
    • WEBSITES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! We will not be clicking links this year!
    • Please attach to the google form!


Artist Alley Hours (Tentative)

Artist Alley is located in Liberty Hall, along with Vendors.

  • Thursday (Subject to change)
    • 9:00 PM Artist Alley Room Set-Up
    • 1:00 AM Artist Alley Room Closed
  • Friday (Subject to change)
    • 9:00 AM Artist Alley Room Set-Up
    • 3:00 PM Artist Alley Room Opens for general attendees
    • 7:00 PM Artist Alley Is Closed to Attendees
  • Saturday (Subject to change)
    • 9:00 AM Artist Alley Room Set-Up
    • 9:30 AM Open to VIP
    • 10:00 AM Artist Alley Room Opens for general attendees
    • 7:00 PM Artist Alley Is Closed to Attendees
  • Sunday  (Subject to change)
    • 9:00 AM Artist Alley Room Set-Up
    • 10:00 AM Artist Alley Room Opens for general attendees
    • 4:00 PM Artist Alley Is Closed to Attendees


Artist Alley is a place for artists and other creative individuals to promote and sell their work. Therefore anything sold at the table must be a product of your own creative work or the work of a team member if you work with others.

  • Original Artwork:
    • Must be able to prove that it is your own work by means of your signature, other examples of your work, trademark/copyright notice, etc.
    • Original comics may be sold, however, if your comic is printed by a publisher, you must retain selling rights to feature it at your table.
  • Fan-art:
    • Fan art is allowed only if you have produced it.
    • Customized dolls and toys must be approved by Artist Alley directors.
    • You may not use downloaded, scanned, or traced copies of images that are not your own work to create merchandise to sell.
  • Mass Produced/Licensed Products:
    • You may not sell commercially produced or unlicensed anime or manga items. This includes the resale of manga, DVDs, clothing, plushies, and figurines.
    • You may not duplicate existing licensed merchandise in any form-clothing, figurines, etc.
    • The use of professional machines/Industrial machines is prohibited in the Artist Alley. These are products which belong in the Artist Alley hall and will not be permitted in the Alley.

(I.E. the use of compressors or vinyl cut printers belongs in the Artist Alley’ room but a manual press button machine or products made on a home sewing machine are acceptable for the Alley.)

  • Adult materials need to be covered or otherwise kept from the reach of minors. Please be responsible in your transaction-purchase and handling of adult materials must involve an ID check. Adult materials include all adult themed art and weaponry (fake or real). If it is found that you are selling adult materials to minors you will be removed immediately. Anime Crossroads reserves the right to require artists to remove items from public display if they are deemed unsuitable to the standards set by Anime Crossroads.
  • Due to the Indianapolis Marriott East catering contract, you may not sell any food or items for consumption to convention attendees. This includes offering food or candies to people. Doing this leads to a breach in contract and can result in immediate expulsion.
  • Works are subjected under Copyright and Fair Use. If you are unsure if an item will be allowed in artist alley, please ask the Artist Alley Director before the convention, so that your items do not have to be pulled at the time of the convention. Final determination of appropriateness is at the discretion of Anime Crossroads.


We ask everyone to be good neighbors! While we understand that making our tables stand out from our peers is important, we want to be considerate to those around us. We want the make the time spent at Artist Alley as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

  • Table Area
  • Creative displays (easels, table clothes, backdrops, and the like) are not included but encouraged, be certain that your display doesn’t interfere with others’ space. Please be considerate of other artists with displays featuring their works. We are not allowed to use tape on the walls of the hotel, please bring your own stands if you wish to display works behind you that take up as little space as possible, please keep in mind that people have to walk back there!
  • We expect you to keep your tables and floor space free from clutter as to allow for a clean and safe environment for everyone. Items may be put under your table for storage.
  • Please make sure that your area is clean upon leaving the convention.
  • Music is not allowed unless headphones are provided so as to not deserve other artists. Videos are allowed as a way to showcase artwork, but avoid flashing images, strobe lighting, showing licensed products, or act as a deterrent from flow of traffic.
  • If you have not leased a power outlet, you may not tap into a power outlet without either receiving permission from the artists that have leased the power drop or by paying the lease fee while at the con. Using wall outlets to charge devices such as cellphones, without permission or a lease, would be a violation of this term.
  • Table Assignment
  • You may not move tables without the permission and/or aid of the Artist Alley staff. The configuration is designed for accessibility, safety and flow of traffic. If a table needs to move for purposes of unloading, or display set-up please inform a staff member before the convention. We will attempt to honor all reasonable requests.
  • You must remain at the table you are assigned to. You may not move to another table without written permission of the Artist Alley staff. We will attempt to provide table assignment information ahead of time, to ease the process setting up.
  • Circumstances may cause changes in placement to occur, you may be relocated to a different location on arrival. We will attempt to contact you, but we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • You cannot request table spaces, you may ask to be near someone but we will not guarantee that you will be able to be near them.
  • Any table swaps must be approved by both parties and the Artist Alley Directors. Forms must be signed by all parties as proof of agreement. Keep in mind that table swaps will not be reflected on any maps or signs.


If you register and pay for a table but find that you are unable to attend, you can receive a partial refund by placing a formal request by December 15th, 2019. There are no refunds after the requested date and you forfeit your table. The refund only applies to Artist Alley Tables, not to extra badges that may have been purchased. If you choose to attend the show after getting a refund for your table, you are still required to purchase a badge to attend the convention.


Artists are expected to, at a minimum, have contacted the Artist Alley Directors at the absolute latest of Friday, February 21th, 2020 at noon to confirm that they will be attending the Artist Alley. If you fail to do so you will be forfeiting your table with no refund. Your table will then be sold to the next person on our waiting list.

The Artists Alley will be attended by the Anime Crossroads Safety Team after hours. However,  Anime Crossroads, to the extent provided by law, will hold no responsibility for the damage, loss, or theft of profits or items; Due to inadequate secure storage or otherwise.


Anime Crossroads’ Artist Alley is a place where artists, modelers, and small publishers can have the opportunity to display and/or solicit their works to our attendees. Artists can also use this area to take commissions and create new work. Some Artist Alley participants may choose to use their space to advertise their services or promote their clubs/organizations. Open to all artists, from beginners to professionals and studios, artists can use this opportunity to get their art out to the public and to meet fans of their works.



Anime Crossroads