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Official Emails

Have some questions? Send us an e-mail! If you do not know who to contact, send us a message on our Facebook Page (link below) for instant help. – Need to get in contact with the convention con-chair? Please save this as a last resort. – Are you an approved artist with a question? Do you have any concerns about your booth? Wondering about next years availability? Shoot our Artist Department Head an e-mail – Do you want to be in the masquerade, but you have questions? Need to change something about your submission? Wondering if a cosplay meets our policy? Shoot our Events Department Heads an e-mail – Are you an approved dealer with a question? Do you have concerns about your booth? Wondering about next year’s availability? Send out Dealers Department Head an e-mail – Wanting to run a panel, but you have questions? Has something changed for your panel or your availability? Questions about running panels or the state of your panel? Email our Panels Department Head! – Do you want to help with the games in the game room? Have a question about the schedule for the tournaments? Want to bring us your games? Send our Gaming Department an e-mail – Questions about ad space or special deals? Any concerns about information on any social media page or website? Send our Marketing Department Head an e-mail. – Something wrong with your badge registration? Have a concern, need to cancel your pre-reg, or just have general questions about badges? Send our Registration Department Head an e-mail – Questions about our safety policy? Complaint about an offender? Concerns for safety? Send our Safety Department an e-mail – Want to be apart of staff, but have a question? First time volunteer with a concern? Have a bad/good experience with with a staff member? Send our Staff Department Head an e-mail – Questions about our tech equipment? Want to help out with our set-up? Feel like donating something? Send our Tech Department Head an e-mail – Questions about our VAT contest? Feel free to reach out to our VAT Department Head

Social Media

Facebook Page: (Anime Crossroads) Your official source for news about our con! Give us a like to get updated on what’s happening.
Facebook Group: (ACR Social) Your place to interact with other con goers! News will be posted here- however it is more for fan interaction.
Instagram: (Anime Crossroads) News, Adventure Photos, Cosplay; you can find those sort of things here!
Twitter: (ACR Social) Linked directly with our Instagram- so the same information will be here. Feel free to tag us whenever you see us!










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