Exhibition Contract Terms and Conditions

Anime Crossroads agrees to provide  10′ x 10′ vendor booths and passes into the convention. Anime Crossroads agrees to make said booths and exhibit space available to the Vendor by no later than 10:00 PM on Thursday, February 24, 2022 Vendor agrees to vacate convention hall premises by no later than 6:00pm on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

Anime Crossroads agrees to be responsible for promoting the show. Anime Crossroads makes no representations as to the number of attendees and/or customers who will be in attendance.

Subletting of tables is not permitted by Anime Crossroads.

Each application will be processed and juried.

Vendor shall be responsible for the actual setup of its displays. Anime Crossroads shall not be liable for any loss or damage to Vendor’s property or for any personal injury suffered by Vendor or any of its agents.

Vendors are responsible for loading and unloading their own materials. We will try to have volunteers available to help you with load in and load out, but it depends on the availability of volunteers and we can make no promises.

There is to be no smoking or otherwise burning of objects within the Vendors’ Room at any time.

All vendors shall have a signed copy of the Anime Crossroads Vendor Exhibition Contract (on file with Anime Crossroads. No vendor shall be allowed to sell merchandise or services at the convention facility without having a signed copy of file with Anime Crossroads. The convention facility shall be deemed to mean any function space used by the (‘VENUE’).

If you need electricity, please let us know. We can not promise that we can accommodate you, but we will try. (Note: this WILL involve an additional charge) Bring a heavy duty power cord and a surge protector. Please note that outlets are only along the walls. If you need electricity, please select a booth along the walls or bring a long enough power cord to reach the walls along with gaffers tape to tape down the cord where it crosses the aisle. If there is anything special you would like for us to try to arrange for your booth. An email giving your location in the room along with load in instructions will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the convention. Please Read it! If you see anything wrong with your assigned location, please notify us immediately! If you do not let us know until the convention, we might not be able to fix the problem.

Vendors may play audio within their booth, but the volume must be kept at a level that it does not interfere with other vendors trying to do business. Remember, the dealers’ room is a place of business, not a dance! Should we receive complaints by other vendors, you will need to turn down your volume and keep it down. Repeated violations may cause you to be ejected without refund. The dealers’ room director shall have sole, final, and absolute authority to determine what is an appropriate volume. Furthermore, the dealers’ room director also reserves the right to determine what audio may be played during the hours of operation of the Dealers’ Room

The Vendors’ Room shall be opened for the following hours: All vendors must vacate the Vendors’ Room with their staff and property by 6:00 PM on Sunday.


Thursday Dealer Set up 10-1am

Friday Dealer Set up 9am-2:30pm

Open Hours 2:30pm-7pm

Saturday Open Vending 10am-7pm

Sunday 10am-3pm

All vendors must claim their tables before Friday February 25, 2022 at 11:00 AM. Tables, which have not been claimed by that time, may be resold at the sole discretion of Anime Crossroads. Please notify us if you will be later than that. Tables that are canceled without thirty (30) days written notice shall not be refunded. Tables that are canceled prior to thirty (30) days before the convention may be partially refunded if Anime Crossroads can resell the tables. Vendor agrees to hold the convention harmless for any lost investments or revenues as a result of either (a) unclaimed or (b) canceled tables.

All vendors certify that they have complied with all federal, state, and local policies regarding the collection of any and all required taxes.

All vendors certify that have complied with all federal, state, and local policies regarding obtaining valid licenses required to participate as a vendor.

All vendors will obey federal, state, and local laws and ordinances regarding the sale of material which, intentionally or unintentionally, infringes upon the trademarks or copyrights of another party. Any vendor selling material which infringes upon the trademark or copyright of another party may be ejected without warning and without refund. Anime Crossroads reserves the right to inspect and/ or eject questionable material at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, the following products or companies: Bootlegged videos Fan-subbed videos Bootlegged (burned) audio CDs, VCDs, and DVDs Burned or Bootleg video games (e.g. Playstation, Dreamcast) Bootleg Carts (e.g. Nintendo GBA)

Vendors shall not display material which is deemed offensive or inappropriate. Anime Crossroads has the sole right to determine what is or is not offensive or inappropriate. Vendors who continue to display material which has been deemed to be offensive or inappropriate may be ejected without warning and without refund. Furthermore, vendors shall not sell any offensive or inappropriate materials to minors who are under the age of eighteen (18) years of age. Vendors who sell such materials to minors shall be ejected without warning and without refund. Failure to comply is immediate grounds for ejection without warning and without refund. 18)All ejected vendors are still subject to state law in which the Anime Crossroads sponsored event resides with regards to tax collection.

Only those vendors with Vendor badges will be allowed in the room during set-up, closing, and takedown times. Only those with Vendor badges will be allowed behind vendor tables at any time.

Vendors are expected to follow the same rules of behavior as the rest of the convention attendees during of-hours. Any Vendor ejected from the convention during those hours must leave immediately the next morning during the set-up time.

Vendors will have fifteen (15) minutes to close down for the night each evening. After the fifteen minutes, the room will be locked. Under no circumstances will it reopen until the posted time the next morning.

Vendor is responsible in providing its own insurance, if desirable, to protect Vendor and Vendor’s property from damage, loss, theft, harm or injury. Neither Anime Crossroads nor ‘VENUE’ will obtain insurance on Vendor’s behalf. Vendor is solely responsible for its own company exhibited material, goods, samples, and other property.

Upkeep of Vendor’s booth, merchandise, and refuse is responsibility of the Vendor.

All displays, chairs, tables and merchandise must be maintained within Vendor’s designated area.

There will be no consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages in the Vendors’ Room.

Selling of items by Vendors on convention grounds, which includes the stated event location and adjoining facilities, their parking lots, other than the Vendors’ Room or any other designated area noted by Anime Crossroads is NOT allowed during the weekend of any Anime Crossroads event. This includes the selling of items inside Hotel rooms, lobby, or its facilities. Vendors who fail to comply will be ejected without warning and without refund.

Vendor agrees that the handling, viewing, and sale of adult-themed merchandise (“Hentai”, “Ecchi”, “Yaoi,” “ Yuri”) will be restricted to persons of age 18 and older and that they are responsible for verification of age before any sale. Vendor agrees to bag/package said merchandise in an opaque bag upon sale. In addition, adult themed- merchandise must be displayed in a manner that restricts access from the general public. Video displays of adult themed merchandise are not allowed. 28)Vendor will hold harmless Anime Crossroads and event facilities or any of their respective officers, agents, employees, representatives or affiliates, from any liability, damage, loss, harm, claim, or injury to property or person of the Vendor, Vendor officers, agents, employees or other persons, whether caused by the negligence of Anime Crossroads or event facilities, or from theft, fire, water, accident, or any other cause whatsoever that are not covered under Anime Crossroads’ standard insurance policy.

Anime Crossroads reserves the right to make changes or amend the contract and has the final say on all matters pertaining to the use and function of the Vendors’ Room during the run of the show.

Any promotional fees from a Vendor, Exhibitor, and/or persons representing a company involved with related industry must be presented to the Board of Directors upfront and in writing.

The addition of any extra charges to be incurred (i.e. Phone, Drayage) will be made available via an addendum provided by Anime Crossroads upon request or until an updated information is made available to vendors.


These items cannot be sold under any circumstances at Anime Crossroads:

  • Any food Items .  US or international
  • Any goods and services deemed illegal under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Indiana. (Inc. unlicensed Music CDs, Video CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, Computer and Video Games)
  • Audio and Video CDs from SonMay (SM), Golden Apple, Game Music, GGG Anime Soundtrack, Golden Anime, FX, Ever Anime A8, GM, Alion and Best Song Collections
  • Pins, Wall Scrolls, Toys, Models (Resin or Vinyl kits), Decals, Stickers, and Posters which are not properly marked and labeled with the appropriate copyright information. • Themed apparel from an unlicensed work (hats, headbands, etc…)
  • Weapons (No real firearms or explosives, no switchblades or any weapon that is illegal to own in the State of Indiana)
  • Adult Materials (Non-anime and manga material, paraphernalia. However, hentai and other adult anime and manga may be sold subject to the restrictions in the Restricted Merchandise section below.) • Paraphernalia that may be used for illegal substances (glass pipes, water pipes, etc…)
  • Anything that disrupts attendees or other vendors such as noisemakers including but not limited to squeakers, party favors, and whistles. Dealer head has final say on if they are disruptive.  Noise Makers and squeakers are banned throughout the entire convention.

A representative of Anime Crossroads will do a walk through Friday before the room opens and any bootleg merchandise must be removed immediately. If you find a vendor selling it under the table or in other unauthorized ways, please alert the dealer head immediately. These items may be sold subject to certain restrictions: 〉Adult Materials: Any adult themed merchandise must be related to anime/manga (such as hentai). Vendor agrees that the display, handling, viewing, and sale of adult merchandise will be restricted to persons 18 years of age and older and that they are responsible for the verification of age before any sale. Vendor agrees to bag/ package such material in an opaque bag upon sale. Display of adult merchandise must be done in a way that restricts viewing by the general public. Video displays of adult themed merchandise are NOT allowed. 〉Weapons: No real firearms or explosives may be sold. No switchblades may be sold. No weapons may be sold that are illegal under Indiana law. Any restrictions on the sale of certain weapons under Indiana law must be complied with. Vendor agrees to restrict the sale of weapons to persons 18 years of age and older and that they are responsible for the verification of age before any sale. Vendors of weapons are responsible to ensure that their weapons are handled safely by their customers. The Dealers’ Room Director reserves the right to impose other restrictions as may be necessary for the safety of the convention attendees.

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