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♥Example Menu♥

Official 2025 menu will be out after August 2025

Everything on our menu is prepackaged and imported directly from Japan through a Japanese distributor.

Our noodle bowls are the brand ‘Hikari Menraku’, a very popular instant noodle brand in Japan!


Please read

Your ticket includes 1 noodle bowl, 1 drink, 1 dessert and 1 bread. Additional items will be available for purchase in the cafe.  

In cafe menu relies off of availability, the later your session is in the weekend, the less we may have to offer. 

If you reserved a spot online, your choice of noodle bowl will be set aside from the rest of our inventory so you won’t have to worry about it running out.

Menu is subject to change*

Noodle Bowls

Miso Ramen

Tempura Soba

Tonkatsu Soba

Soy Sauce Ramen


Original Ramune

Peach Ramune

Original Calpico Soda

Strawberry Calpico

White Peach Calpico

Black Milk Tea

White Milk Tea



Chocolate Banana Pocky

Chocolate Almond Pocky

Cookies and Cream Pocky

Chocolate Pocky

Strawberry Pocky

Mango HiChew

Strawberry HiChew

Green Apple HiChew

Kiwi HiChew

Chocolate Hello Panda



Red bean

Mung bean

Coconut Paste

Japan Cheesecake

Melon Bread


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