Treasure Hunt

2024 Theme: Under the Sea

Anime Crossroads is excited to introduce a con-wide treasure hunt! Every day of the con, “bubbles” (aka, light blue capsules) will be hidden throughout the public hallways of the convention space.  See the bright blue areas below!

Friday – 75 bubbles will be hidden

Saturday – 100 bubbles will be hidden

Sunday – 25 bubbles will be hidden

Each bubble will contain a raffle ticket! Take that to panelist check-in (r=found by the panel rooms) and turn it in.

You will be given a goodie bag, and entered into a drawing during closing ceremonies. 10 winners will be chosen!

Prizes are dependent on physical presence at closing ceremonies. If you are chosen, but not in the crowd, a 2025 badge will be awarded in lieu of a physical prize. One grand prize winner will be awarded a 2025 VIP badge!

Anime Crossroads