Tabletop Lounge

Welcome to the Who’s Yer Gamers Tabletop Game Lounge. We have our select library of games here for you to check out for free to play whenever we’re open (10am to 2am). We will also have scheduled games at:

Learn to be a hero. Save the city.

An introduction into the Sentinel Comics Role Playing System.
– 8pm, Friday
– 11am, Saturday
– 8pm, Saturday
– 11am, Sunday

Girl By Moonlight – On A Sea of Stars

Based on the Blades in the Dark system, in Girl by Moonlight we’ll explore a
world of mecha pilots struggling against the Leviathans.
2pm Saturday – Additional sessions may be available if desired.

Event: D&D Adventurer’s League 

Saturday 2-6 pm 
CCC‐RPSG‐01 Ooze There 
DM Gregory Harris
As the City of Danger struggles to rebuild, a spate of unexplained disappearances in the Zhent Ghettos threatens to erupt into fresh chaos. The factions are hard pressed to investigate, and it falls upon you to uncover the truth behind this new menace.

A 4-hour D&D Adventurers League adventure for 1st – 4th Level Characters (optimized for 3rd level). 

Pregenerated characters will be available  

Convention info:

Who’s Yer Con 2024
Mar 29-31
Indianapolis Marriott East

Who’s Yer Con is coming! Starting in the morning on March 29th, we’ll be serving up a full weekend of gaming at the Indianapolis Marriott East. Badges are on sale now! $20 for pre-registration, $25 on site. Pre-register and use the code “ANIMEGAMING2024” to get $5 off a badge.

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