SuperKayce is an international cosplayer, creator, and gamer from Indianapolis, IN!

She began her journey into the convention world in 2009 when she attended her first Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois! As of 2024, Kayce has gone on to create over 125 costumes including Astrid, Belle, Natsu, Robin, MegaMam, Electra, Raven, and many more! In the last 14 years she has guested at 200+ conventions across the world including Kuwait, Mexico, and Canada. Kayce has judged and hosted a wide variety of cosplay events including  contests, workshops, game shows, panels, etc. Additionally she has also won several of her own awards, been featured in the 2015 issue of Icosplay Magazine, as well as countless podcasts and fan-sites for her creativity and charity work! 

As part of her costuming, Kayce uses a majority of her time and effort to participate in many charitable events such Superheroes Fighting Cancer, SOSI, and Superhero Reading day at local libraries! After losing her father in 2012, Kayce has raised $10,000+ for Pancreatic Cancer through donating from Cosplay sales solely! She has also worked personally to raise money for Spina Bifida and Needy families sponsored by The United Way Indiana! Kayce is one of the proud co-founders of the Charity “SuperMage” which gives back during an annual Christmas Charity! 

You can follow more of her adventures on Facebook or Instagram under SuperKayceCosplay!

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3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Panel 1

Basic Cosplay Makeup

Join SuperKayce in a panel that will cover basic Cosplay makeup! Let’s walk through bodypaint, glues, and prosthetics! Wolfe FX, Mehron, Spirit gum, Pros Aide, Scarring liquid, etc! Bring your questions and get some answers!



1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Panel Room 1

Cosplaying on a Budget

Cosplay doesn’t have to be expensive – sit down with SuperKayce and discuss ways to save money while making AMAZING costumes!

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