2024 changes!!!!!

  • All projectors will have cables that can connect to an HDMI port on your laptop.
  • We are no longer tracking Co or Assistant Head Panelists. In return, we have lowered the reimbursement minimum to just 4 hours!
  • All panelists must submit an outline of the panel during the panel submission process.
  • Themed Events and events that involve attendee participation will get priority this year! Our 2024 theme is Under the Sea.

Panelist Rules

  1. Panels are registered under ONE PERSON. This means that they are the head panelist. Any other panel members are ineligible for any compensation that the head panelist may receive.
  2. All panels are FREE to attendees. If you wish to charge for materials, please email for approval.
  3. Panelist reimbursement:
    1. This year we are offering panelist reimbursement. In order to be eligible you must:
      1. Run 4 hours of panels over the course of the weekend
      2. Have pre-registered by December 15th, 2023
      3. Staff panelists and panels are ineligible for reimbursement
    2. Head panelists get their full badge reimbursed
    3. Reimbursement is after the convention.
  4. All panelists are responsible for:
    1. Checking in
    2. Starting your panel on time
    3. Setting up and tearing down your panel
      1. If you need to move chairs around in the panel rooms, you must take that out of your panel time. You are required to set the room back to the way it was when you entered it. Failure to do so could result in panel being denied the following year
    4. Ensuring that the proper age requirements are in place
    5. Keeping the audience engaged and under control
    6. Ensuring their panel can run without internet access, as that is not something that is guaranteed.
  5. All 18+ panels must:
    1. ID checks are REQUIRED. Our safety team will be checking attendees and panelists
    2. All 18+ panels must be run by someone that is at least 18 years of age
    3. Attendees are not required to participate in panels. If they are, the panel will be canceled
  6. All ages panels must:
    1. These are family friendly and contain no adult or mature humor or content
      1. Moving forward, foul language is permitted so long as it matches the character and is not explicit
      2. All ages panels may contain mature themes such as death for shows that contain that theme. For example, something like Danganronpa has a ton of deaths in it. Therefore they may be referenced in an all ages panel
  7. Equipment rules:
    1. Panelist are prohibited from touching the technology in any and all panel rooms. This includes the projector, the speakers, and the lights. If there is an issue, let the person sitting outside the door checking badges contact our Con-Ops staff. We will quickly come to assist you. For this year, there is no exception to this rule.
    2. Do not assume that we have all of the necessary adapters for your equipment. You need to be prepared to bring your own adapters.
    3. You are expected to have your own laptop for the event. Anime Crossroads will not provide one for you. In addition, please note that internet is not provided. All panelists should have panels that do not require internet access, or bring their own internet solution.
  8. Times
    1. The time that we put your panel down on the final schedule is set. Unless there is an emergency, we will not change the schedule. Plenty of communication will be in place to ensure that your panel is at a time for that works great for you. If you do not put in time restrictions or requests on the panel submission form, we may not be able to honor them.
  9. Panelist Party sizes:
    1. If you are hosting an Ask panel or a Q&A, a maximum of six people are allowed to be at the panelist table at the front of the room. This is set in place to not only protect equipment, but to also help with fire code and the safety of your panelists. If you have more than that participating, please consider making the size of your ‘cast’ smaller, or reserving space in the front row for them.
  10. Q&As and Truth or Dare panels:
    1. Sexual content is prohibited. You cannot ask two people to participate in lewd acts of any nature. Stripping is also prohibited.
    2. Any act that may break or damage any property is prohibited.
    3. The consumption of food or alcohol is prohibited.
  11. The Convention Chairs, Director of Programming, Assistant Director of Programming, and Head of Panels have final say in all disputes and can cancel an event if any of the above rules (including the 2023 changes) are not followed.

Panelist Check-in

For 2024, panelist check-in will take place at the Info Table outside of the panel rooms.

You are REQUIRED to come to panelist check-in. Failure to check-in could result in the cancellation of your panel and other serious consequences. The reason we have panelist check-in is to give us time to replace a panel that doesn’t show up. We WILL assume that if you are more than 15 minutes late to your panel that you are not attending.

You are to report to panelist check-in 30 minutes to an hour BEFORE your panel begins. You may check in earlier than that (provided the information booth is open. It will be open one hour before all programming events). If you are running more than one panel, you may check-in all of them at one. You are required to have your badge and if running an 18+ event, a picture, government issued ID.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your panel, and you have not contacted us via email, your panel will be canceled.

For 18+ Panelists: Your panels must be checked-in no later than 10PM.

We encourage you to pre-register to expedite your at-con badge pick up process. Being caught in the registration line will not be an acceptable excuse. You MUST give yourself time to get your badge. If you think this is a problem, please email us and let us know WHY it will be a problem and we will do our best to work with you.

Only the person that is listed as a head panelist may check in the panel.

NOTE* If your panel is at 2PM on Friday, 10am or 11am on Saturday, or 10am Sunday, you do have the option of having your pre-registered badge sent to the information booth so that way you are not late to your panel.

List of 2024 Panels!


Panel Room 1


Making Cosplay Horns and Antennae

Cosplay horns come in every size and shape – we’ll cover which materials are best for which horns, and how to attach them invisibly to your wig!


You Got This! Chronic Illness, Conventions, and You

Dealing with health concerns can provide challenges to everyday life, and can provide unique challenges to convention attendees, staff, and others. In this round-table discussion and experience sharing session, we will share ways to maximize your convention experience while staying healthy.


Love Live: R3Birth R3Play

Join the Indyidols subunit of R3Birth as they perform songs from the rival group in Nijigasaki, play Love Live trivia, and more!


Rate Your Favs: Revamped

Back for another year come have your anime boyfriend roasted come simp over your waifu. I have crafted a SCIENTIFICALLY OBJECTIVE rating system to answer the age old question…. Is my waifu trash?


Idol Anime & Wotagei

Have you seen cute anime characters wearing fun outfits, singing and dancing? That would be an idol anime! Here we will introduce you to the genre and idol culture itself, with things such as characters to penlights!


BL Against Humanity 18+

The popular (infamous?) card game now has a BL/yaoi twist! Using a deck of nothing but customized cards, play against your fellow boys’ love fans. This hilarious fill-in-the-blank comedy game is sure to bring out the best of the worst in our players.


Ghost Stories? No, It’s an Anime! 18+

Ghost Stories that were compiled into an anime, that became anything but scary! Join us for the rich history of a show that was set up to succeed and it did in the English Dubbing, but for entirely different reasons.


Who in the Omegaverse? 18+

Come discover the Omegaverse.Curious of what others may think when defining” The Alpha”? Mad when your favorite character is always “The Omega”. We will be discussing and ranking  random characters into the Omegaverse. Come tell us all about your head cannon.


Panel Room 2


Hashira Meeting

Meet with your favorite Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corp.


Stardew Valley: Top Tier Spouses

Did you play Stardew Valley for the fishing, the mining, the combat, or was it for the marriage candidates? After giving an overview of the game and characters, we’ll dive into the debate of which spouse really belongs on top. Join us in making the ultimate Stardew tier list and be ready to farm for your life and love!


Anime Recommendations

Looking for something new to watch but not sure what sounds good? Well we’ve got a variety of older and new anime that may just be what you’re looking for.


Jeopardy! Name That Anime

Put your knowledge to the test against your fellow nerds in a Jeopardy style game of Name That Anime!


20 Years of Danny Phantom!

Come join us in the Ghost Zone to play games and discuss the last 20 years of the Danny Phantom fandom!


Cosplay Hoarders Anonymous

Are you afraid to throw out fabric scraps because they might be useful someday? This panel is for YOU! We’ll share our own cosplay hoarding confessions, give practical advice for taming cosplay clutter, and answer all your questions!


Husbando vs. Waifu

A debate that has been present as long as anime…. Husbando or Waifu? Our panelists will present evidence of two characters in multiple rounds over different categories, and the audience gets to vote who is the winner! In a series of twists and turns where you decide which characters will reign supreme!


To the Stray Dogs 18+

Join us for some trivia, games, and prizes. And with Dazai around, you know there will be a bit of chaos.


Whose Line Is It Anyway? Tumblr Edition! 18+

Let’s play our own nerdy version of the hit improv comedy TV series “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”


Panel Room 3


Beginner’s Guide to Singing Online

If you want to start singing on the internet like JubyPhonic or 96Neko, you’ve come to the place! From equipment to where to connect and collaborate with others in the field. Hosted by someone that’s been active in the community for ten years.


Cosplay From Your Closet

There are so many different ways to cosplay, and we want to highlight one that is forgotten, closet cosplay. In this panel we will be explaining how to cosplay, showing off a few of our own, and reminding you that cosplay is fun and doesn’t have to hurt your wallet.


Full Face Cosplay Makeup

Want to cosplay a character with an unusual skin color? We’ll compare and contrast different types of makeup and show you how to get a perfect look that lasts all day!



Think you are a Game Grumps fan? Come find out in a silly game of KaHoot! Test your knowledge against other attendees for a chance at fun prizes!


Steven Universe Trivia

A Kahoot will be projected onto the screen with questions pertaining to the plot and characters of Steven Universe! (Do Not Include This Part In Description For Attendees: potentially with prizes, not sure if you guys allow candy as it may be an allergen).


Kimonos And Beyond

Want to buy – or sew! – your own kimono, haori, or happi? This panel is the place to start!


So you want to sell your art: Commissions dos and donts

So you want to sell your art! Lots to consider and steps to take. Join me as we discuss best practices and how to know when your ready


Group Therapy For Fandom Veterans 18+

We survived Dashcon, we survived SuperWhoLock, we even survived whatever happened with the Undertale fandom in 2016. Let’s talk about it.


Bad FanFiction Theater 18+

Ever read something so BAD, It’s Good? Laugh so hard you’ll cry, come up to read or act out scenes as we explore the treacherous and hilarious world of Fanfictions old


What your hentai tag says about you 18+

Come on if you want to know just how yucky your taste in hentai is. Join us for light roasting and jokes centered around the hentai genre. There will be no videos played



Panel Room 1


Anime Graveyard Pt. 1

Wanna know what the heck a furry is or are interested in becoming one, but don’t know where to start? This veteran furry is here to help answer those questions!


An hour with Noctyx! (Cosplay panel)

A fun activity for guests to interact and ask questions/play games with cosplayers of the vtuber group Noctyx!


Fire Emblem: Best Spouse Edition

Have you played Fire Emblem Three Houses? Did you marry your favorite character? We are all bias and think our favorite is the best, but who would truly be the best spouse? Here we will rank all the Three Houses marriage candidates and make a tier list for the Ultimate Spouse!


Bootlegs and Knock offs: how to tell why its bad

That plushie looking a little bit odd? The price too good to be true?  Join a business owner and collector as we talk about the effect of bootleg merch and how to identify and avoid sketchy merch.


Swords, Sorcery, and Spaceships: Final Fantasy IV, 30+ Years Later

Calling all “spoony bards!” Final Fantasy IV, the groundbreaking RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, recently turned 30, and is one of the most popular and most influential  entries in the franchise. We’ll explore what’s given it enough staying power to have two sequels, various remakes, and a strong fanbase more than three decades later.


Bad FanFiction Theater

Ever read something so BAD, It’s Good? Laugh so hard you’ll cry, come up to read or act out scenes as we explore the treacherous and hilarious world of Fanfictions old


Sustainability in Cosplay

This is exactly what it sounds like: a panel where cosplayers give advice to other cosplayers on how to approach cosplay from a more sustainable angle, especially as the “TikTok-ification” of cosplay has led it to a lot of the same problems fast fashion has today. I addition to explaining how to source and reuse materials for cosplay, the panel also goes over ways to be a more sustainable con-goer for anyone who attends them, cosplayers or not.


Let’s get in -chew- it! (Mukbang 먹방)

This is a mukbang (eating show) style interview where the host (Nikkichancosplay) talks to a special guest about a variety of topics including Anime, Maid cafe’s, aliens, ghosts, and more! Who knows what kind of juicy gossip and backstage tea we will discover over a bite of some delicious food? Let’s get in -chew- it!


Fanfiction out loud 18+

Let’s read fanfiction!!!


Rating NSFW Fanfic Terms 18+

Come discuss the frequented NSFW fanfic terms. Some of them suck. Some of them are just divine. Find out if your fav is absolute garbage or if its the holy grail.


Helluva Panel 18+

Come meet with I.M.P to play games and discuss the Helluva Boss fandom!


Panel Room 2


KPOP: a comprehensive guide

Kpop newbies and complete strangers to the genre come play catch up. There are decades of history and trends to learn and only one hour to do it. We will go over terminology, generations, influential groups, and more.


Welcome to the ADA (port mafia)

ever wanted to join the ADA or Port mafia? now is your chance come show us what you’ve got


Rating your Genshin Favorites!

Let’s rate your Genshin Impact favorites together! We’ll only be doing playable characters and notable side characters since.. there are SO many characters!


What your D&D class says about you

All DMs and Players are welcome to come learn the brutal truths. What does it say to the rest of the world when you say you play a lawful evil elven wizard? Well I’m here to tell you.


IndyIdols: Nijigasaki Debut

The time has come for the official debut of Nijigasaki with IndyIdols! We have prepared new songs from Love Live! Nijigasaki, and can’t wait to celebrate idols with you. Come to cheer, win prizes, and experience idol culture!


Welcome to NRC!

The Night Raven College Students welcome you to join them for fun! There will be games, prizes, and lots of opportunities to interact with some of your favorite students!


Stray Dogs vs Mafia the Game

The Mafia game with a twist. So take a seat and play a round of Bungo Stray Dogs Mafia.


SK8 to the Infinity

If you enjoyed hanging with the SK8 cast last year, we invite you to join us again for another hour of fun! Play games and challenge the SK8 cast, participate in trivia to earn prizes, and ask us the question that we know you’ve been wanting the answers to. We can’t wait to see you there! (A reminder that any mention of S goes against the very foundation of S so please keep our super cool super awesome race between us)


Yaoi is King 18+

A yaoi suggestion panel where I will give some of my personal recommendations of yaoi manga and manhwa and open the floor for audience members to do the same.


Panel Room 3


2024 Anime

A quick review of anime coming out throughout this year, including new seasons of ongoing anime.


Inside the Owl House

Welcome to the Owl House, come play games, answer questions, win prizes and discuss all things Owl House!


Abridging 101, Voice Acting, Writing, and More!

Come hang out and learn what goes into making an Abridged series, from writing, directing, recording space, and voice over with the crew of PhatDogStudios! Best known for their Log Horizon, Shield Hero and Reincarnated as a Slime parodies.


Kimono For Beginners

Learn how to wear Japanese kimono in a culturally respectful way in this workshop. We will talk about formalities, gender expression, and have a live kimono dressing. Attendees are welcome to bring their own kimono and practice alongside the demonstration. Questions are welcome.


Convention Horror Stories 18+

This is a really fun and entertaining panel where we as panelists relive our hilarious and sometimes cringey convention horror stories. Prepare your own horror stories, because we will also be mic up for audience stories. Be ready to laugh, cringe, and be horrified!


An Appropriately Unhinged Recap of FNAF 18+

How much do you know about Five Night’s at Freddy’s? No matter how much or how little, join us for a humorous look into the notoriously complicated series lore!



Panel Room 1


So you want to be an Idol; performance for dummies

So, you want to be an idol? And you have no clue where to start? Well this panel is for you! We’re going to run over the basics of, what exactly an idol is, and how you yourself can become one!


You Are NOT Cringe

Let’s get together and talk about the online community of “cringe culture” and the affect it has on our community.


Panel Room 2


Anime Graveyard part 2

Welcome to… The anime graveyard! This panel will be a discussion of some of our favorite anime that has fallen into obscurity and deserves a revival! We will make suggestions of shows to watch, give brief synopsis, and talk about why we think they deserve more love! Let’s shed some light to these shows that were left behind! This is a continuation of our previous panel with more content!


Who’s That Pokémon!?

The game we all know and love! Test your Poké-knowledge, and win a prize. Friday is open to all level of trainer. Saturday reserved for those more advanced. Sunday is for all our new trainers out there.


Do You Know the Anime Opening?

Back again for another round the world style name that opening. Compete against other attendees to prove your musical mastery! Prices for those who emerge victorious!


Ouran: The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!

Join the Host Club for another year! We will have in and out of character Q&A as well as trivia and games to earn prizes.


Black Butler

Hey fans of Black Butler, come hang out with the Black butler cast and have a bit of fun!!


Panel Room 3


Karaoke Open Mic

an open mic karaoke panel where audience members are allowed to come up and perform the song of their choice. Please keep it pg whether you’re singing or hanging out.


Project Sekai Random Dance

Wonderhoy! Come join us and other fellow Project Sekai fans and show off your moves as we play a fun lineup of songs with choreographies performed by the groups in the game! Unfamiliar with the choreographies? Don’t worry! We will have a mirrored projection so you can follow along!


It Gets Better, 10+ Years Later: How to Make it Better

The It Gets Project Better was founded in 2010 to help reduce bullying and encourage young LGBTQIA+ people that they can live and thrive beyond their teenage years. In this roundtable, we’ll take a look at what they have done, how it affected the treatment of LGBTQIA+ kids, and what we as people under that umbrella can do to help young people truly believe that it gets better.


Ball is Life (A Haikyuu!! Panel)

Join some of the teammates from Karasuno, Nekoma, Aoba Johsai, and the MSBY Black Jackals for trivia, a platonic match-making game, and Just Dance! Win volleyball themed prizes during trivia, get matched with your favorite volleyball player, and choose your fighter for Just Dance! Your teammates are waiting!

Anime Crossroads