Cosplay Photoshoots


Photoshoot Schedule

Set Up & Tear Down

Photoshoot Organizer, please arrive at the designated photoshoot 5 minutes BEFORE your time to plan and organize your photoshoot. This is so that the photoshoot can begin promptly at the scheduled start time. 

Photoshoot Organizer, it is YOUR duty to remain aware of how much time is left in YOUR shoot and start wrapping up at 5 minutes until the end of the shoot. 

Photoshoot Organizer, it is also YOUR duty to make sure the state of the photoshoot area is cleaned up. It is highly encouraged all participants help in the clean-up to make the process go faster. 

Scheduled Shoot Priority

In the event of down time between scheduled photoshoot times, attendees are free to use the area for random photo ops ONLY. However, remember to be respectful of any scheduled photoshoot. Once it is time for a scheduled photoshoot to start, that group has priority of that location and anyone not participating in the photoshoot is to leave the area. Failure to do so will result in Anime Crossroads Security Department removing you from the area. 

Be Kind and Courteous

Please observe our Cosplay Policies

If you are a participant, please be courteous to other participants and photographers. DO NOT block shots; touch equipment that is not yours; touch items that are not yours. DO NOT be loud and obnoxious to anyone. 

Be respectful to your Photoshoot Organizers and follow their direction throughout the photoshoot. They have put forth the effort and time to make sure everyone has a great time during the photoshoot. Please do the same.

If you do not feel comfortable at any point in time during the photoshoot, or if there is any misconduct occurring during the photoshoot,  please excuse yourself and find the nearest Anime Crossroads STAFF MEMBER. 

Photoshoot Organizers, any violations to ANY of Anime Crossroads Rules and Policies will be  cause for an immediate shutdown of the photoshoot taking place and YOU and any violators will be reprimanded accordingly.  


Anime Crossroads