Trickssi (she/her) was an honored guest at Aseliacon and Tekko in 2019. A dancer from the age of 3, Trickssi has taught ballroom dance professionally and for fun for over 12 years, and has hosted anime convention formal balls for 4 years running. If you’ve never danced in a social partner-dance atmosphere (ballroom/Latin/swing) or want to brush up on your skills, Trickssi is holding lessons prior to the ball. Check out the bar at the top for links to the official dress code, code of etiquette, and times/locations of the lessons and ball. For further inquiries regarding the formal ball, please email

Two years after she began cosplaying seriously in 2014, Trickssi founded the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN), a for-us, by-us group advocating for anyone in our community who has been stalked, harassed, abused, or sexually assaulted. CSSN considers the safety of all convention attendees, cosplayers and otherwise, raising awareness by implementing a report card for convention harassment policies. Trickssi, in conjunction with the co-founders of CSSN, has also travelled to both coasts and Canada over the last several years to present panels on the important subjects of what consent really means and antiharassment education. She also volunteers on the conventions team with Uplift, a nonprofit organization that works with conventions to upgrade harassment policy and provide staff training. All of Trickssi’s panels, including the dance lessons, promote antiharassment and inclusivity.

For information about the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network and to see how you can help, please visit For information about Trickssi, including her cosplay gallery and formal ball resources, please visit, or find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.

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