Press and Media

Do you want to be an official press member for Anime Crossroads? Please read through all of the Qualification and Registration info below.

Press Qualifications

Traditional Press
The newspaper, magazine, or journal has to be in publication before January 2018, with at least a 5,000 distribution per issue. The publication must be printed at least quarterly.

Broadcast Media
Broadcast journalist or photographers. Please include a letter from a producer/editor on company letterhead stating that you are covering Anime Crossroads on assignment. 

Webzine Press
The website must have existed prior to January 2017 with at least 10,000 hits per month and at least 4,000 unique visitors. (Please provide a live link to your statistics page on the Press Badge Application form. If you are unable to provide a statistics page then please email a printout or static HTML file from a known website stats program, like Analog, Awstats, or Webalizer, will be accepted. This is a must have request.) The website must be focused on news or reviews that cover at least one of the following: Asian Culture, Asian Entertainment, or Anime Conventions. Please present an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth at the registration desk to in order to receive a press badge.

Online/Social Media 

Online publishers must have a following of at least 1000 unique followers on at least one public platform including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and/or Tumblr. A blogger on an independent website need only provide a link to a counter or a copy of some analytics to provide the follower information.


Press Badge Registration

If you are interested in attending Anime Crossroads as a member of the press, please read through the Press Qualifications and submit a Press Registration Form. The Press Badge allows Anime Crossroads staff and directors to identify you as a member of the press. In general, the benefits of a Press Badge are:

  • Full Anime Crossroads membership.
  • Permission to take photos.
  • Interview convention attendees or staff with their consent.
  • Videotape special events.

When you arrive at the convention, please pick up your badge at Con Operatorations. Like a convention attendee if you do not have your press badge, you will not have access to the convention. While picking up your press badge, please present a valid picture I.D. and a business card.

Please note: Press badges will not be granted without a valid picture I.D. and meeting all press qualifications. Once accepted, you will be notified via email.

After the convention, we would appreciate a courtesy copy of your coverage for our records.


Once you have read and understand the information above, please feel free to email for how to apply!


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