Panelist Rules

  1. Panels are registered under TWO PEOPLE. This means that they are the head panelists. Any other panel members are ineligible for any compensation that the head panelist may receive.
  2. Panelist reimbursement:
    1. This year we are offering panelist reimbursement. In order to be eligible you and your assistant head must:
      1. Run 6 hours of panels over the course of the weekend
      2. Have pre-registered by January 30th, 2018
      3. Staff panelists and panels are ineligible for reimbursement
    2. Head panelists get their full badge reimbursed
    3. Assistant head panelists get half of their badge reimbursed
  3. All panelists are responsible for:
    1. Checking in
    2. Starting your panel on time
    3. Setting up and tearing down your panel
      1. If you need to move chairs around in the panel rooms, you must take that out of your panel time. You are required to set the room back to the way it was when you entered it. Failure to do so could result in panel being denied the following year
    4. Ensuring that the proper age requirements are in place
    5. Keeping the audience engaged and under control
    6. Ensuring their panel can run without internet access, as that is not something that is guaranteed.
  4. All 18+ panels must:
    1. ID checks are REQUIRED. Our safety team will be checking attendees and panelists
    2. All 18+ panels must be run by someone that is at least 18 years of age
    3. Attendees are not required to participate in panels. If they are, the panel will be canceled
  5. All ages panels must:
    1. These are family friendly and contain no adult or mature humor, content, or foul language
  6. Equipment rules:
    1. Panelist are prohibited from touching the technology in any and all panel rooms. This includes the projector, the speakers, and the lights. If there is an issue, let the person sitting outside the door checking badges contact our Con-Ops staff. We will quickly come to assist you. The exception to this is the microphones and the cables to hook up your laptop to the projector.
    2. Do not assume that we have all of the necessary adaptors for your equipment. You need to be prepared to bring your own adaptors.
  7. Times
    1. The time that we put your panel down on the final schedule is set. Unless there is an emergency, we will not change the schedule. Plenty of communication will be in place to ensure that your panel is at a time for that works great for you. If you do not put in time restrictions or requests on the panel submission form, we may not be able to honor them.
  8. Panelist Party sizes:
    1. If you are hosting an Ask panel or a Q&A, a maximum of six people are allowed to be at the panelist table at the front of the room. This is set in place to not only protect equipment, but to also help with fire code and the safety of your panelists. If you have more than that participating, please consider making the size of your ‘cast’ smaller, or reserving space in the front row for them.
    2. If you are hosting a large cast in an Ask panel, we can put you in our Interactive Panel room. YOU MUST REQUEST THIS ON THE FORM. This is the room that autographs and our interactive events take place in. However, the number of chairs is limited and technical equipment will be very blocked off. Plan accordingly.
  9. Q&As and Truth or Dare panels:
    1. Sexual content is prohibited. You cannot ask two people to participate in lewd acts of any nature. Stripping is also prohibited.
    2. Any act that may break or damage any property is prohibited.

Panelist Check-in

Panelist check-in will be held at the information booth. This station will be near the entrance to the hotel, across from the windows that surround the pool. It will have a sign on it (or above it) labeling it as the information booth.
At the information booth you will be given a technology how-to packet. This explains how to use the technology that we have in the room for those that may be unfamiliar with it. If you feel uncomfortable touching the equipment yourself, let us know and we can assist you.

You are REQUIRED to come to panelist check-in. Failure to check-in could result in the cancelation of your panel and other serious consequences. The reason we have panelist check-in is to give us time to replace a panel that doesn’t show up. We WILL assume that if you are more than 15 minutes late to your panel that you are not attending.
You are to report to panelist check-in 30 minutes to an hour BEFORE your panel begins. You may check in earlier than that (provided the information booth is open. It will be open one hour before all programming events). If you are running more than one panel, you may check-in all of them at one. You are required to have your badge and a picture, government issued ID.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your panel, and you have not contacted us via email or the phone number given to you, your panel will be canceled.

For 18+ Panelists: Your panels must be checked-in no later than 10PM.

We encourage you to pre-register to expedite your at-con badge pick up process. Being caught in the registration line will not be an acceptable excuse. You MUST give yourself time to get your badge. If you think this is a problem, please email us and let us know WHY it will be a problem and we will do our best to work with you.

Only people that are listed as a head panelist or co-panelist may check in the panel. If you need someone added as a co-panelist, please email

NOTE* If your panel is at 2PM on Friday, 10am or 11am on Saturday, or 10am Sunday, you do have the option of having your pre-registered badge sent to the information booth so that way you are not late to your panel.




Room 1

Game Time with Nations 2-4

Come join the nations of Hetaila in a fun filled two hours of games and competition against your favorite Hetaila characters, there will be laughs and good times.  

Dating games 18+ 10-11

Have fun with us. Come play dating simulater games. Have fun teasing each other. Have fun with the characters 😉 Lets play a game where you are constantly blushing and laughing so hard your stoumic hurts. I wonder if you’ll have a nose bleed.

The Stages of Fanservice/Ecchi 18+ 12-1am

Ever been disappointed because an anime had a fanservice/ecchi tag but failed to deliver? Join this panel as we discover that there are various stages of fanservice and ecchi (without diving into hentai territory), rant about some of the disappointing ecchi anime out there, and hopefully avoid any more future fanservice/ecchi anime disappointments.

Room 2

The Clow Cards 6:30-7:30

Did you know that they are 53 Clow Cards from the Cardcaptors anime? They have been used in many ways and even been combined into each other to capture other Clow Cards. Come as we learn about each Clow Card and what makes them unique. Sakura has her work cut out for her, since most of this cards are a doozie.

UtaPri: Date an Idol 7:30-9

Let’s play the dating game! Ever wanted to date one of your favorite STARISH or Quartet Night boys? Well here’s your chance. So come on in and play a round. You may just win prizes

Room 3

Final Fantasy: The Good, The Bad, The Kupo 2-3

Have you ever looked at all the games that are a part of the Final Fantasy franchise, and felt lost as to where to even begin? Join some of your favorite Final Fantasy characters for a history of the series, as well as an in-character Q&A!

Otaku Court 4:30-6

The Otaku Court returns! Join us as we seek to convict anime characters, creators, and industry types for the crimes that they have committed. Audience participation is intended as we seek to prosecute the worst crimes in anime.

Stile Presents: A Blend S! Panel 6-7

Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! Come join the staff of the Stile Cafe for games, candy, dancing, and so much more! Which girl will you let serve you?

Who’s That Pokémon 7-8:30

Over 20 years have gone by where in between commercial breaks our young minds were put to the test. The question asked. “Who’s That Pokémon?” Put your knowledge to the test with you and two friends to compete for the title of Pokémon Master. The top three teams will be awarded prizes that will be announced shortly. The trivia will be over all existing Pokémon in the Pokédex so study hard, and remember. Gotta Guess Em’ All!

Owari After Dark 18+ 11:30-1am

Humans vampires and seraphs oh my!! Come join your favorite vampires and humans in a panel full of fun questions and much much  more!!

Room 4

Gal Pals in Anime 12-1

It’s easy to Google a list of anime lesbian couples, but do you really want to go through an anime only to find out that they didn’t even hold hands throughout 13 episodes? This panel will give spoiler-free overviews of anime with girl/girl couples so you can find your ideal shoujo-ai

Anime Rant 1:30-2:30

Has anything in anime ever pissed you off? Of course it has! Join us as we rant about the things in our favorite medium that bother us, annoy us, and bring us to a boil!

36 Seasons and Going Strong: A Survivor Discussion Panel 2:30-3:30

With 35 seasons completed and still kicking, Survivor is still one of the most popular Reality TV Shows out there. Come and discuss what we like about the show and what an impact it has had in television.

Obscure NES/SNES Games 3:30-4:30

Are you tired of playing the same old NES/SNES titles? Probably not, since most of them you have heard about and are really great, but have you wanted to branch out? Many old NES/SNES games people may have not heard about, but there are some gems, or not so good gems, out there to play. Come as we will discuss old games and what should be played or avoided!

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji: Manga Spoilers Discussion! 4:30-6

In this spoiler-filled discussion, we will talk about the most recent events happening in the manga universe of Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji!

Yuri on Ice!! Q&A 6-7:30

Come and ask your favorite Yuri on Ice characters questions! PG 13

Strange Videos for Two Hours 7:30-9:30

Strange Videos has made it to Anime Crossroads for a two hour party of hand picked hilarious videos bridging anime, video games, cartoons, and curiosities that defy description. From old favorites to the newest videos out there, embrace the strange and laugh out loud!

Let’s Play Cards Against Humanity 18+ 9:30-11:30

Did you come to Kentokyocon North and couldn’t find anyone who brought a copy of Cards Against Humanity to play after dark? Well we did, and we’re inviting the convention to a big open game. Playing as individuals or as groups, the panelists (as well as any volunteers) will judge their favorites and pick “the best of the best,” and the individual/group with the most points will win “pride” for themselves.

Yaoi fangirl recommendations 18+ 11:30-1am

Are you a yaoi fangirl or fanboy??? Would you like to be??? Well we will hook you up with the best anime, manga, doujishi the internet has to offer. Come get your yaoi fix if you’re 18+

Room 5

Steven Universe Quiz Show 12-1

Do you think you know Steven Universe? Do you wanna win some sweet loot? Then come to this panel and test your knowledge of  Rebecca Sugar’s masterpiece. I’m very excited to see you all there!

Catchy/Upbeat Anime Songs You May (Not) Know 1-2:30

Looking to expand your anime song collection with catchy and/or upbeat anime songs? Look no further, as we will try to expand your anime song list with songs from anime you may or may not have seen before (or heard before).

Con Crunch 2:30-3:30

Have a con in a week, a day, or an hour and have no cosplay? This is the panel for you, we will be covering how to quickly sew a cosplay, what you can wear out of your closet, and how to better manage your time for the next con.

So You Want To Be an Idol? 3:30-4:30

Are you a fan of popular idol animes like Love Live!? Come learn how to dance and perform like all of your favorite idols. 3rd year squad Eli, Nozomi, and Nico will be teaching the dance Music S.T.A.R.T.

The 90’s Were All That (Name That Tune)! 4:30-5:30

Do you miss the 90’s and were they All That? Where you Angry for those Beavers and where did you have a secret lab that you wanted to keep hidden from your parents? Was the Shrine of the Silver Monkey too hard to complete and did you wanna Salute Your Shorts? Well this is the panel for you. We will be talking about those shows that made your 90’s and those shows that you never want to forget, plus you will be tested on your theme song knowledge.

Pj-tale with the underground +frisk/chara 5:30-7

Welcome one And all to the monster from underground from a game called undertale well they came to have a pj party with you humans^^ come and enjoy some prizes and play games plus a Q&A

Cryptozoology With CryptidCosplay 7-8

This is a panel all about cryptozoology, which is the study of cryptids! This is the place to go if you want to learn more about creatures that may or may not exist.

what they dont tell you about cosplay 8-9

New to cosplay or not, it’s important to know the basics. Join me in a talk about everything you should know and have to start and continue to cosplay and join in the conversation

Pokémon Controversies (18+) 9-10

Did you know that Jynx’s original design was based on a fashion trend in Japan before her design was changed due to American culture? Did you know that many episodes of the anime was banned in the USA and other countries due many various reasons? Did you know that Kadabra will never become a Pokémon card ever again? Pokémon has had many controversies in its 20+ year stint and we will be discussing many of them.

1000 Ways to Die in an Anime 18+ 10-11:30

Presenting some of the unique deaths in anime. Some tragic, some silly, but all in some way entertaining. Brought to you by a gore loving panelist, this is 1000 Ways to Die in an Anime

Otaku Night Court 18+ 11:30-1am

Objection Overruled! Our regular Night Court returns to cover the cases that most legal systems wouldn’t dare deal with. If your favorite anime characters or creators have been involved in criminal activities, we’ll be certain to bring them to justice!


Room 1

Ed Edd n Eddy 10:30-12

We will be doing mixture of Q and A and some games.

Mystic Messenger Q&A Panel 6-7

Join the Mystic Messenger cast in a Q&A session hosted by Zen! Feel free to ask them questions (13+) and even witness a game of Whose More Likely To!

Homestuck 18+ 12-1am

join some of your favorite characters with Q&A and games

Room 2

Journey to the world of Ghibli 3-4

Come learn more about the studio that brought you Spirited away, Howl’s moving castle, and many more. Join in the fun and earn some goodies.

Hetalia nation panel 5-6:30

Ask the nations anything or hug one of them. We’ll also play two short games, Truth or Dare and a scene freeze game. We’ll see you there!

My Hero Academia 7:30-9:30

Various UA students have snuck from their dorms into Across, don’t tell Aizawa and join the students with games and discussion!

Hell Girl’s Japanese Urban Legends and Superstitions 9:30-11

Ever wonder what goes bump in the night in Japan? Who or what is this teke-teke thing? Why you should never sleep facing north? Come,make sure you toss salt over your shoulder on the way out, and listen as Hell Girl reveals all the horrors and superstitions from the land of the rising sun. From snake calling in the night, to an eight foot tall woman, Hell Girl’s detailed guide will make sure you know exactly why you should never ever go to the third stall in the girl’s bathroom.

Room 3

This is the RWBY Panel You’ve Waited For 11-12

Have you ever wanted to ask Ruby about how she made Crescent Rose? Or how Ren learned such great culinary skills? Come and ask your favorite RWBY characters what it’s like living in the World of Remnant. (Also, Ruby really likes cookies.) This is the RWBY panel you’ve waited for!

Harry Potter Tivia 12-1

Do you think you’re a wiz at Harry Potter trivia? Our panel will cover trivia from the seven books and eight movies. This year we’ll have new questions and an easier point system. Again things exclusively from Pottermore, The Cursed Child, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them will not be included. 

Dungeon Conqueror: The Magi Board Game 2-4

A live-action board game based off the anime/manga series ‘Magi’ hosted by the cast. Try your hand at becoming the next metal vessel wielder!

Cosplay 101 7-8

Are you a beginner cosplayer? Have you never cosplayed before and would like to know how? Or have you been cosplaying for awhile and want to remember the basics? Then this is the panel for you! We will be discussing how to pick a character, how to buy the cosplay and where, basic makeup, contacts, and the basics of creating your first cosplay!

Black Butler: A Fandomhive Panel 8-10

Welcome guests. Join Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian in Q&A, dares, trivia, and discussion of the series with other Black Butler characters. You can even earn candy and prizes.

DMMD Q&A 18+ 11:30-1am

Do you love yaoi? Love making your favorite characters do something embarrassing? Well then this panel is for you! Come join aoba and his many boyfriend’s in this panel full of dares and questions plus much more!! If you want to know more come on in and find out!!

Room 4

Everything Kpop 10-11:30

Fun open discussions and a BTS & Exo raffle! There will be music videos and giveaways! Come have fun with us!

Ask the Phantom Thieves! 11:30-1:30

Join the Phantom Thieves for two hours of questions and games, we hope you come and have fun!

Worst Anime Ever 1:30-3:30

Do you think you’ve seen some bad anime? We guarantee that we’ve seen worse! Come join us as we talk about a variety of terrible anime– some hilariously terrible and others legitimately awful.

Adventure Time Come on grab your friends 3:30-5

Come join the adventure time crew for shenanigans, games, and lots of fun!

Undertale: Panelist Route 5-6:30

Join the undertale crew for audience interactive games and in character Q and A! Be ready for fun, laughter, and games! What will you ask the undertale monsters now that theyre out of the underground?

Digimon: Years in the Digital World 8-9:30

This is a discussion panel about Digimon, new and old fans are welcome to take part.

Cosplay Horror Stories 9:30-11

Have some cosplay horror stories or just want to hear some hilariously cringy convention cosplay horror stories? Come listen to us and other attendees relive their hilariously awkward moments from convetions and laugh along!

Bad Fanfiction Theater 18+ 11-1am

Ever read something so bad its funny? So bad that it hurts? Join me, your host in a night of pain and laughter as we read through some of the worst. How long can you last?

Room 5

Cosplay makeup 101 10-11

This panel will consist of a live demonstration of beginner cosplay makeup techniques, as well as panelists sharing tips and tricks for getting started in cosplay makeup.

Anime in Review 11-1

New to anime? Looking to expand your library? Wanting something different from the mainstream? In Anime in Review, we’ll be covering some of the anime you may have missed over the last year. From hilarious comedies to suspenseful mysteries, you may just find your new favorite anime!

Kakegurui: The compulsive GAMING Panel 1-3

Inspired by the anime/manga series Kakegurui (compulsive gambler) comes the risk-free non gambling edition of the games featured in the series! Each participant will receive a certain amount of gaming “tokens” that they can use to participate in any of the series featured games. Even if you’ve never seen the show no worries, rules will be explained! From competitive to free-play participants can choose what type of play suits them. Prizes will be awarded to those who can collect the most tokens and beat the “boss” in the competitive play section! So what are you waiting for?

Name that Anime tune 3-5

If you like listening to all your favorite anime openings and ending this is the panel for you. Test the limit of your jpop and anime related music knowledge. Plus cans and a few good laughs are guaranties!!!

LGBT+ Cosplay 5-6

This panel will be an open forum for members of the LGBTQIA community to discuss their experiences and hardships in the cosplay and convention scene. This panel is a safe space for those in the community to meet one another and make friends.

Con Bullies 101 6-7

As cosplay has become more mainstream, the community has become open for bullies to get in.  Conventions are supposed to be a safe place for everyone to have fun.  This panel will help you identity bullying and what you can do to stop it as well as prevent you or others from becoming victims

Cosplay Character Acting 8-9:30

Come join in an educational and fun panel on voice acting and character acting in cosplay. Starting with understanding character analisys and finishing with improv it will be a great time to take part or even just to watch

The Witching Hour with Cryptid Cosplay 9:30-10:30

Have you ever had a spooky experience that you can’t quite explain? Are you in need of a story that will scare you right out of your pants? Cryptid Cosplay is here with the Witching Hour to bring you a fright! One whole fright! Dare to be scared….

B!%#&$ be Cray! – A Discussion on Yandere Girls 18+ 10:30-11:30

The Yandere, which is the Japanese version of the crazy stalker girlfriend, has taken anime culture by storm ever since the introduction of fan favorite Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki. But there are plenty more adorable murderous girls who are just as desperate for the affection of their crushes. Come to this panel to celebrate our favorite yanderes and to debate who counts as a yandere!

Cosplay Lipsync Battle 18+ 11:30-1am

Panelists and the audience will participate in lipsync battles to their favorite songs, and winners of those battles will move on to different rounds. Participants will eventually find themselves in a sudden death lipsync for the winner spot, but all who participate will walk away with fun experiences and prizes!


Room 1

The Adventure Zone Q&A 2-3

Join the cast of the extremely popular podcast “the adventure zone” you can ask the character in character questions and the panels their opinions regarding the podcast.

Room 2

Cutthroat Pokemon 10-11:30

Do you want to be the very best that no one ever was? Do you have the skills to be number one? Come to find out in a Pokemon Trivia Contest. A selected number of people will play and you will eliminated each other until we get to the last person and they will be the number one Pokemon Trivia Trainer! Come to see if you have a knowledge in Pokemon.

That Crazy Thing Called Kpop 11:30-1:30

Room 3

Ouran: Be Our Guest 11-1

Welcome Lovelies!! Join your favorite hosts in Q&A, dares, trivia, and games. Earn candy and prizes, enjoy a fantastic time with the boys of Ouran

Let’s Talk Voltron 3-5

Join the Paladins of Voltron as we answer questions, talk theories, and discuss the series.

Room 4

Pixel Horror Games 101 10-12

Ever heard of Ib or Mad Father and been interested to know more in that genre? Join us for a discussion about fan favorite and fairly unknown pixel game titles! Plus most of the games covered are free so don’t worry about spending anything when you go home to download them!

Q&A with the DWMA 2-3

This is your chance to speak in person with DWMA students! Come hang out with the cast of Soul Eater and have fun asking questions and giving the cast some dares!

Undertale/AU 3-5

This panel will have undertale and underfell characters!

Room 5

LL Sunshine fun and games 10-11

The Aqour’s girls host a game/q and a panel. Expect a wacky Pokémon surprise and plenty of dancing!!!!!

Iwatobi Club Fair 11-12

Come one, come all and welcome to the Iwatobi Club Fair! Meet with the members of the Iwatobi Swim Club and ask them questions! We hope you’ll consider joining! See you there!

The Living in Japan-el 12-1

Are you looking to spend some time living in Japan? Then come join us as we talk about the means to get there as well as the realities of living in the country.

Pokemon 20 Questions 1-2

Do you think you know all the 802+ Pokemon? Could you guess a specific one in 20 questions? Come and see if you can “Name That Pokemon”. If you do, then it’ll be your turn to name one and see if you can stump the audience, but you will have to specify what generation it’s in. Come and have fun!

Pokémon Side Characters 2-3

Did you know that the Pokémon anime has about 20 seasons thus far? Most of the episodes are filler episodes that have a character(s) that is part of that episode’s plot point and sometimes are never seen again, well we are gonna shine some light on some of the unique and colorful side characters. Come to learn some of the minor characters of the Pokémon anime.

Best Anime Ever 3-5

Come join us as we talk about several of the best anime out there! Our panelists have seen an incredible amount of anime, both new and old, and we’ll discuss several great series for you to check out.