Meet the Staff

Meet the lovely staff of ACR! We’ll all do our best to ensure you have a blast at our con! Need to contact us? Click Here for a our e-mails.



Convention Chair


“Hey everyone~ My name is Megan, and I manage all of the events that happen at con! I love sports anime, otomes, and Death Note.”



Department Head of Marketing & Live Events


“Hello, My name is Emil and I help with Live Events as well as marketing! I love sports anime, anything with vampires, and Pokemon!”



Department Head of Gaming


“Hey, My name is Matthew. I run the video game room. I enjoy watching anime, battling Pokemon, cosplaying fun characters, and meeting all kinds of people at cons. My goal is to be the first American to pilot a real life Gundam in the future.”



Director of the Video Art Track

Shawnel (Fay-Sa)

“Hi! My name is Shawnel but I’m known within the editing world as Fay-Sa! I am the director of the VAT Contest (formally called AMV contest) as well as Anime Crossroads official AMV editor for the con’s Opening videos each year. My favorite anime is Card Captor Sakura and my favorite video game is Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.”


Director of Registration

Veronica (Vee)

“Hey everyone! My name’s Veronica, call me Vee. I like all things Corgi and Digimon! I’m here to help you get checked into Anime Crossroads so you can have a great time!”

Anime Crossroads