Live Events

Our Live Events and Tech departments are responsible for all of our main events! From contests to dances, to gameshows and performances, this talented team keeps you, the attendee, entertained all weekend. Below are a list of events our team put together for 2023!



Your Faves: Clowned On

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Main Events

You got a fave? We’ll clown on them for sure! But first you gotta guess who it is based on terrible assumptions and accusations. But we’ll be nice, don’t worry. Grab your clown shoes and red nose. 


Opening Ceremonies

4 pm – 5 pm Main Events

New year, new venue! Join the ACR Staff as we welcome you to our 2023 event!


Crossroads Idol Fete

6 pm – 7:30 pm Main Events

Come cheer your favorite idol on at the Crossroads Idol Fete. More info can be found here


ACR’s Friday Night Social

8 pm – 9:30 pm Main Events

Come and jam to some familiar tunes and mix and mingle with your fellow attendees! This event is an alternative dance option from our EDP, with a more laidback atmosphere and familiar songs chosen by our attendees! More info can be found here


The Dark Carnival Variety Show 18+ by DID Fit

11 pm – 1 am Main Events

Anime Crossroads is excited to present the Dark Carnival Variety Show sponsored by DID Fit!




NCR Master Chef: The Big Top

2 pm – 3 pm Main Events

Night Raven College prospective students, this is Professor Crowley! Welcome to our first exhibition outside of the school. I’m very excited to be having this cooking classic at Anime Crossroads. Ahem! I myself will not be present–for clear HeadMaster obligations–but there will be two Master Taste Tester Students. Dorm Teams will be represented respectfully by yourselves. May the best Chefs win!


Anime Crossroads Drag Show

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm Main Events

Join us as Eden Sitayu brings us another all ages Drag Show, featuring Creepin’ it Burly!


Cosplay Masquerade

7 pm – 9 pm Main Events

Anime Crossroads has some AMAZING talent when it comes to cosplayers. Come and watch as they present creations of their own and entertain us with skits they worked hard on!


ACR’s Electronic Dance Party

10 pm – 1 am Main Events

Join our DJ guests as we jump to the beat at this electronic dance party!



Closing Ceremonies

4 pm – 5 pm Main Events

And that’s a wrap! Join the ACR Staff as we say goodbye to 2023, and look forward to 2024!

Anime Crossroads