Crossroads Idol Fete



  • Have a valid ACR Badge.
  • Your music and the content of your performance must be family friendly.
  • Your costumes must follow the general cosplay guidelines.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Report to Main Events for line-up on Friday. You will be informed of the time over email and at check-in. DO NOT BE LATE. If you are late, it may result in your removal from the Festival.
  • Any performer(s) that need to drop out of the Festival MUST inform the Live Events Heads that they will not be participating. No Show-ing without prior notice may result in the performer(s) being unable to participate at the next year’s event. We understand things can happen the day of, but if you know before the convention that you do not want to or cannot participate anymore, please let us know.
Performance Rules
  • With the rebranding of our Dance Showcase, there are a few new options and rules for our performers! Please make sure to review everything, even if you have performed with us before!
  • The Crossroads Idol Fete will NOT be a competition! This will just be an event for our idol and dance community to show their stuff and have fun doing it for the audience.
  • The limit of people allowed in one group is SIX. 
  • We will now be accepting more than one song! Performers are allowed to do a set of up to three songs. Not every song has to be performed by every member of the group (ex. One group song, two solo/duo songs for a total set of 3 songs from one group)
  • We are open to many genres of music, but would prefer it to be JPop or KPop! If you need any specialized equipment, you will need to provide it yourself. Please leave a note if there is something you are bringing for your performance.
  • If you are entering in the Masquerade, your dance(s) should be different than the one you have entered into the masquerade. We know that this event is no longer a competition, but different dances means our attendees can see more performances overall!
  • NO LIVE STEEL. Anything that could be mistaken as a realistic weapon must be cleared by ACORE as per Con guidelines. You must bring all props to rehearsal for approval.
  • Your performance content, including language and thematic content, must be family friendly. ACross is a family-friendly event, and the Idol Fete will be attended by young children and parents. The Live Events Heads reserve the right to disqualify, modify, or remove a performance they feel is inappropriate.
  • Please do not leave anything on stage when you exit. NO GLITTER.
  • Upload pre-recorded audio via the prompt on the Festival Application. If you are unable to attach it, please email for assistance. You will be required to have your audio attached in order to submit your form.
  • Please have your audio ready-to-play as one single track and make SURE it is in MP3 format. We will not edit your audio for you.
  • The Live Heads have final say in all circumstances and disputes and may modify rules at any time if necessary.





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