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A couple cosplay team, Steph and Bret are competitive cosplayers from the Midwest. While they both enjoy making their own costumes, Steph prefers to channel her energy into her craftsmanship, while Bret likes to bring his character portrayals to life with his performances. They have both won numerous awards for craftsmanship and performance and enjoy sharing their creativity with the cosplay and convention communities. In addition to competing in cosplay contests, they love hosting costuming panels in order to help guide others in their cosplay journies.

A blossoming anime fan, Steph began cosplaying in 2008, after begging her mom to help her make a cosplay for Halloween out of thrift store clothes. Since then, she’s created over 50 costumes from her favorite animes, movies, and video games, and she’s not stopping anytime soon!
She loves testing her limits and trying out new techniques with each new cosplay. Whether it’s wigs, sewing, props, or armor: Steph loves to do it all! Her favorite aspects of creating costumes are styling really spiky wigs (“Your wig is on point!”) and making ridiculous props that probably shouldn’t ever exist in reality.
Steph has won numerous awards for her craftsmanship, and takes great pride in every costume she makes. She’s judged contests at a handful of local conventions, and has hosted panels with Bret on various cosplay-making subjects.
Bret was first introduced to the world of cosplay in 2010, after his uncle invited him to dress up for a 501st Legion event. Since then he’s taken every opportunity to add to his ever-growing collection of costumes.
Having a flair for the dramatics, Bret doesn’t just dress up when he cosplays; he embodies the character. Each cosplay is another excuse to portray the most ludicrous of characters and make the illusion of cosplay more realistic. After getting some sewing lessons, Bret was able to expand his reach of characters from the simple and quirky, to the insane and complex.
His experiences as a cosplayer have helped him grow as a person, as well as win several awards for his craftsmanship and stage performance. Bret takes his knowledge of his craft and uses it to help others enjoy themselves on the stage, in the halls, and in costume.



4 pm – 5 pm

Cosplay Posing and Photography

  • Get ready to strike a pose in this panel! We’ll show you how to make memorable poses while in cosplay, and how to get the most out of a cosplay photoshoot!

8:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Cosplay 101

Want to start cosplaying? Get ready to learn about the basics of how to cosplay, safely buying cosplays and wigs online, as well as how to start making cosplays from scratch!


10 am – 11 am

Cosplay Wigs 101

A panel all about cosplay wigs! We’ll talk about how to buy quality wigs, how to modify them, various cutting and styling techniques, and even doing some small demos!

1 pm – 2 pm

Cosplay Armor & Props

In this panel we’ll discuss the various materials used in prop/armor construction and how to use them. We’ll also talk about painting techniques, and how to make patterns for builds.