Gaming Room Hours

Friday: Noon-2am

Saturday: 10am-2am

Sunday: 10am-Close


Gaming Room Rules

– All equipment belong to the con or staff.  Treat all equipment, consoles, tvs, and games with care as if they were your own personal belongings. Failure to follow this rule can result in removal from tournaments/events, Gaming room, or the convention.

– Most VG stations are set up for free play.  To check out a video game and controller at the check out table, one badge is needed to check out games.  In rare circumstances, we may have time limits for specific stations depending on volume and capacity of free play area. Same procedure applies to available Tabletop games for free play.

– No open food or drinks at any of the free play or tournament stations.  Food and drinks are allowed in the spectator area.  No open food or drinks on tabletop gaming tables as well.

– Sign ups for VG tournaments will be open online in the coming months as well as at the convention.  Sign ups for Gaming room events and tabletop tournaments will be at convention only.

– Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun!


List of VG and Tabletop tournaments

Coming Soon!


Tournament Rules

Fighting games will all follow the same format depending on # of participants.  8 or less participants = double elimination format.  More than 8 participants = single elimination format.  In Single elimination, each match will be best of 3 with the finals being best of 5.  For double elimination, the matches will all be best of 3 and only the grand finals will be best of 5.

Gaming Events
Pokemon Challenge

We are once again hosting our 5th annual ACR Gym Leader Challenge with the help from The Midwest PokeOtaku League.  Attendees can challenge our staff, who will be serving as Gym Leaders at desginated time slots during the weekend for a chance to earn badges and win prizes.  All skill levels of trainers are welcome to participate.  The rules for the challenge are as follows-

  • Game must be one of the 4 Gen VII 3DS games (Sun, Moon, US, UM) or Pokemon Go
  • No more than one copy of the same Pokemon
  • Format of battle chosen by Gym Leaders for Gen VII Games, Pokemon Go will be 3v3 at highest League setting
  • MPOL House Rule 1: Limit one UB and 1 Tapu per team
  • MPOL House Rule 2:  Only one Legendary/Mythical Pokemon allowed per team
  • We will also have prizes for those attendees who successfully defeat all Gym Leaders
  • Theme for 2020 Challenge TBD

More Events coming soon!


Free Play/Open Gaming

As always, we will have open gaming available to attendees all weekend long for both VG and Tabletop.  We will have multiple stations and consoles set up to choose from as well as many Tabletop games to check out and play.  The only requirement for open gaming is a badge will be needed to swap out at the check out table for all games and controllers.

List of Open Gaming Consoles:

Xbox One
Xbox 360
Wii U
SNES Classic
NES Classic

List of Video Games for Free Play will be available at convention

Free Play Tabletop Games

Coming Soon!

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