Video Gaming

Come join us for Year X of ACR over in the Gaming room.  We have multiple events going on all weekend for VG.

VG Room Hours:
Friday: Noon-2am
Saturday: 10am-2am
Sunday: 10am-4pm

VG Room Rules for attendees:
– All equipment belong to the con or staff.  Treat all equipment, consoles, tvs, and games with care as if they were your own personal belongings. Failure to follow this rule can result in removal from tournament, VG room, or the convention.
– Most stations are set up for free play.  To check out a game and controller at the check out table, one badge is needed to check out games.  In rare circumstances, we may have time limits for specific stations depending on volume and capacity of free play area.
– No food or drinks at any of the free play or tournament stations.  Food and drinks are allowed in the spectator area
– Sign ups for the tournaments, hi-score challenge, and speed run challenge will be at the staff table.  For the Pokemon challenge, majority of our staff are acting as gym leaders and elite four when not busy or off duty.
– Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun!

List of tournaments:
Super Mario Party
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
My Hero Academia: One’s Justice
Dragon Ball Fighters Z
Rock Band 4 Guitar/Vocal Competition
Monster Hunter World Time Attack
Smash Ultimate 8-person Melee
Overwatch 1v1
Tekken 7
Soul Calibur 6

Tournament Rules:
Fighting games will all follow the same format depending on # of participants.  8 or less participants = double elimination format.  More than 8 participants = single elimination format.  In Single elimination, each match will be best of 3 with the finals being best of 5.  For double elimination, the matches will all be best of 3 and only the grand finals will be best of 5.

Overwatch and Pokemon-  Both will be single elimination. Overwatch will be best of 1, first to 5 kills and the finals will be best of 3.  For Pokemon, it will be best of 1, with the semi’s and finals best of 3.

Smash 8 person Melee- 5 stock, no time limit.  If only 8 participants, finals only.  If more than 8, semis and finals.  The top 4 from each of the 2 semi matches will go to the finals.

Monster Hunter Time Attack- For the time attack, the arena challenge quest will be used.  Participants will get a max of 3 attempts for the quest.  The fastest time to complete quest will be the winner of the time attack.

Rock Band 4 Guitar/Vocals- 3 rounds.  Participants will sign-up with preference of either guitar or vocals.  Participants on vocals will be paired with participants on guitars and perform a song together.  First round songs must be difficulty of 3 or higher and all instruments set to medium or higher.  The top 5 participants on vocals and the top 5 participants on guitar will advanced to round 2.  Round 2 songs must be difficulty of 4 or higher and instruments set to hard or higher.  The top vocal and guitar participant from round 2 will face off in the Finals.  The song for the Finals must be difficulty of 5 and instruments will be set on expert.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe- 4 player matchups on 4 courses at 150cc, winner moves on to next round.  For the finals, it will be at 200cc with Rainbow Road as one of the courses.

Super Mario Party- 4 player classic mode set at 10 turns, winner moves on to next round.  For the finals, the # of turns will be chosen based on amount of turn available.

Smash Ultimate Smashdown Event:
Our big event of the weekend.  This event will span all weekend.  We will have 4 tournaments for this event as qualifiers- Smash 64, Melee, Smash 4, and Smash Ultimate.  The winners of the 4 tournaments will move on to the Finals Sunday where they will compete in Smashdown mode on Smash Ultimate for the chance to win a badge for ACR 2020.

Hi-Score/Speed Run Challenge:
We will be having a Hi-Score and a Speed Run Challenge going on all weekend.  We will using Pac-Man for the Hi-Score and NES Remix Pack for the Speed Run.  The attendees with the best score and time for these challenges will win a prize.

Pokemon Challenge:
We are once again hosting our 4th annual ACR Gym Leader Challenge with the help from The Midwest PokeOtaku League.  Attendees can challenge our staff, who will be serving as Gym Leaders and The Elite 4, all weekend long for a chance to earn badges and win prizes.  All skill levels of trainers are welcome to participate.  The rules for the challenge are as follows-
            -Game must be one of the 4 Gen VII 3DS games (Sun, Moon, US, UM)
            -No more than one copy of the same Pokemon
            -Format of battle chosen by GL or E4
            -Banned Pokemon- All mythical and major legendary Pokemon.  The only legendaries               allowed are the trios, Regigigas, Cressella, Heatran
            -MPOL House Rule: Limit one UB and 1 Tapu per team
            -There will be 8 Gym Leaders and the Elite Four available to battle all weekend.  Each                     Gym Leader and Elite Four will have badges attendees can earn.  Attendees must beat                        all 8 Gym Leaders to challenge the Elite Four.
            -We will also have prizes for those attendees who successfully defeat all Gym Leaders                        and the Elite Four


Free Play/Open Gaming:
As always, we will have open gaming available to attendees all weekend long.  We will have multiple stations and consoles set up to choose from.  The only requirement for open gaming is a badge will be needed to swap out at the check out table for games and controllers.


Tabletop Gaming

We have some fun Table Top activities for you this weekend! Below is all the info you’ll need to fully enjoy it!


  • 12 pm-4 pm – Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragonball Super Trade/Meetup/Demos
  • 5 pm -6 pm – Closed for opening ceremony, Friday night magic
  • 6 pm -9 pm – Free (Free promo cards given out), Yugioh Start deck Tournament $10
  • 7 pm -9 pm – Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragonball Super Trade/Meetup/Demos


  • 10 am – 2 pm – Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragonball Super Trade/Meetup/Demos, Yu-Gi-Oh Win-a-Mat (Constructed) FREE
  • 3 pm – 5 pm – Dragon Ball Z Super Draft $20
  • 4 pm -5 pm – Magic The Gathering Trial Deck Win-A-Mat Tournament
  • 5 pm -8 pm – Free, Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Tournament
  • 9 pm -11 pm – Free
  • 11 pm-1 am – Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragonball Super Trade/Meetup/Demos


  • 10 am – 12 pm -Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragonball Super Trade/Meetup/Demos
  • 1 pm – 3 pm – Pokemon Constructed Tournament Free
  • 3 pm – Closing Ceremonies – Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragonball Super Trade/Meetup/Demos
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