Friday Night Social

Anime Crossroads is super excited to bring to you a brand new event: The Friday Night Social! Inspired by non-electronic dances, such as spring flings, wedding dances, etc, this event features beats you can dance to. Unlike it’s high energy counter-part, our Electronic Dance Party, this event will have a relaxed atmosphere away from the central dance area. In future years, we hope to also have little refreshments and snacks too!

The best part? All music will be attendee submitted!


Is this a formal dance?

Nope! All music will be familiar tunes you’d hear at other dances of this nature.

Is there a dress code?

You are more than welcome to dress up (or down) if you want to, but this event is meant to be something fun for everyone!

Is there a bag policy?

Nope, at least not any different than our other events/panels. 

Is there a food/drink policy?

Don’t bring an entire meal in to the room, but snacks and bottled beverages are okay.

Are there rules/restrictions when submitting a song?


  • Has to be family friendly
  • Song should be upbeat in nature
  • Song has to be in the form of a YouTube link (that’s how we’ll play them at the event – in one big playlist)

How do I submit a song?

By going to this link!


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