Electronic Dance Party

Year 13 wouldn’t be complete without the ACR Electronic Dance Party! This staple event will take place late on Saturday night and is sure to be a good time. PS – Listed below our talented DJs and their Spotify links you’ll find their panels!

Meet our DJs


Hailing from Indiana, Hazmatiq has been decimating the Midwest with filthy bass drops for over 5 consecutive years with no signs of stopping. Hazmatiq has had a lifelong love and passion for Electronic Music, leading to his pursuit of a degree in Music Technology at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Although you might be leaving one of his shows in a stretcher, there’s a 0% chance it will be from dehydration – as he is a proud member of the Drink Water Squad. The only reason you’ll leave this show early – is in a neck brace from all that headbanging. But like, in a good way. Probably.


EDC Meets Anime Expo when Mesmerist is at the decks. While DJ/Producers with a focus on Japanese culture and Nerd culture tend to favor all House music or all UK Hardcore, Mesmerist breaks the mold by bringing varied multigenre DJ sets meant to evokethe fast-paced, theatrical excitement of a Festival DJ set together with the music of anime, video games, and more! With this unique style, Mesmerist has rocked the Midwest, the Internet, and Beyond with iconic, memorable performances that get audiences moving.


Andrew Horton (REW) is an experienced audio engineer, experimental bass DJ and electronic music producer based in the Indianapolis area.


Djing 101 with Hazmatiq, Mesmerist, and REW

Day & Time: Friday 10:30pm – 12am

Room: Panel Room

Summary: Are you interested in DJing, but you’re intimidated by all the knobs and buttons found on DJ equipment? The Anime Crossroads DJs, Hazmatiq, Mesmerist, and REW, are here to show you that it can be just as easy as hitting play on the right song at the right time! Come by for a straightforward beginner DJ tutorial and YOU TOO can press play!

DJ Q + A

Day & Time: Saturday 10:30am – 11:30am

Room: Panel Room 2

Summary: Come ask Hazmatiq, Mesmerist, and Rew questions about Life, Inspo, Burnout, and Music Production!

How to make Electronic Music: Live Production Demo with Hazmatiq, Mesmerist, and REW

Day & Time: Sunday 1pm – 3pm

Room: Panel Room 3

Summary: Ever wonder how the likes of Porter Robinson, Moe Shop, & Skrillex make music? The Anime Crossroads DJs, Hazmatiq, Mesmerist, and REW, aren’t quite as good as they are, but they know enough to host a panel about it! Stop on in as these three musicians create a song from scratch, so that you can be inspired to make your own music in Ableton or FL Studio!

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