David Vincent

David Vincent is an award-winning professional voice actor and TV producer based in Los Angeles. He has lent his voice to hundreds of animations including series, movies, and video games, as well as guest star appearances on hit TV shows such as The Mentalist and NCIS.
His recent roles are Kento Nanami in Jujutsu Kaisen, Estarossa in Seven Deadly Sins, Phinks in HunterXHunter, Kibito Kai in Dragon Ball Super, Sakunosuke Oda in Bungo Stray Dogs, Gilgamesh in the Fate/Stay series, and as Senketsu in Kill La Kill.
He can also be heard in the mega-hit video game Super Smash Bros. as Richter Belmont and Robin, Marshal Law in the Tekken franchise, T.Hawk in Street Fighter IV, and Eliot in Dead or Alive 6. David is a lead talent behind the virtual signing platform Streamily

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