Cosplay Photoshoot

AHOY! Are you looking to run your own Cosplay Photoshoot? Welcome aboard then! Anime Crossroads 2020 is wanting you to join the armada of Photoshoot “Captain” Organizers. Part of the crew! Part of the ship! Please read everything below, before casting off to make sure it’s all tip top shape. Wouldn’t want to blow holes in ye ship, matey!

Photoshoot Submission Process

BEFORE registering, please read Cosplay Photoshoot Rules, Convention Polices, and the following. YOU are responsible for reading and understanding the Policies and Rules linked above, and the information below. If you have questions regarding anything presented, please contact 

The online Photoshoot Application will open November 5th – December 15th. ALL Photoshoot Captain Forms MUST be turned in by December 15th 11:59pm EST. 

After the application closes, the Live Events Department will conduct a photoshoot selection and create a final schedule for Anime Crossroads Cosplay Photoshoots 2020. 

In the case that Photoshoot Applications share the same theme/series, the applicant deemed the most experienced based on their applications will be accepted as Photoshoot Organizer, with all other applications put on a Back-up List. 

Acceptance emails will be sent out around the end of December with time and place of your photoshoot. 

Photoshoot Organizer

Filling out the Photoshoot Organizer Application means that you are offering to take on the role of Photoshoot Organizer for a photoshoot during Anime Crossroads. As Photoshoot Organizer, you will organize cosplayers that show up to participate and keep everything on track for the HOUR that is alloted to YOU. 

Photoshoot Organizers, YOU are expected to run your photoshoot with the utmost respect ALL participants and create a professional environment, without bias towards photographers, participants, and cosplayer’s choice of character. 

Anime Crossroads will not be providing photographers. It is the responsibility of the Photoshoot Organizer to get a photographer.

Anyone UNDER the age of 16 submitting a Photoshoot Organizer Application will be REQUIRED to have a Co-Organizer (First Mate) to assist with the photoshoot. Otherwise, Co-Organizer (First Mate) is not required. If you do have one regardless, please inform the Anime Crossroads Live Events team in the submitted form.

Photoshoots Organizer and Co-Organizer (First Mates) MUST stop by the Cosplay Table to Check-in at-con to confirm shoot location and time. 

Photoshoot Organizer and Co-Organizers (First Mates) MUST be present at all times during the photoshoot. If anything comes up and you are not able to attend the shoot, contact Live Events as soon as possible. 

Attendee Lead Event

This is an event lead by Attendees for Attendees. There is no guarantee that a staff member of Anime Crossroads will be present to run the photoshoot nor facilitate a photographer for the shoots. Anime Crossroads is providing space and allocated times and will have the photoshoot schedule displayed publicly.  

Anime Crossroads is also not responsible for promoting your photoshoot. We will leave that up to your discretion. 

If you have read through and understand everything, please fill out Photoshoot Organizer Application!




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