Blushing Violet Cosplay



Blushing Violet Cosplay got her start by sewing her own Halloween costumes with her grandmother in 2006, and started cosplaying in earnest in 2013. In her ten years of experience as a cosplayer, she has handmade over 30 full cosplays and won awards in both cosplay craftsmanship and performance across the Midwest. Along with sewing and crafting, she enjoys photography, watching anime, and D&D. Her favorite part of going to conventions is meeting cosplayers, hearing the stories behind their projects, and sharing in the passion and excitement that cosplayers bring to everything they do!


3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Panel Room 1

Planning Cosplays for Beginners

So you want to make a cosplay… but you have no idea where to start! Join us as we walk through some ways to turn ideas into plans, and plans into finished pieces!

9 pm – 11 pm Panel 1

Anime Name That Tune!

Test your knowledge of anime openings, endings, and insert songs in a fast-paced tournament-style contest! Don’t know anime music that well, or want to play along before it’s your chance with the buzzer? There will be bingo throughout the panel for another chance to win!


11:30 am – 12:30 pm Panel Room 1

My Senpai, My Senpai, and Me

Advice for the modern, genre-savvy era! A low-key Q&A panel where your three senpais will offer bad advice based on what works in anime.

Anime Crossroads