Artist FAQs

Artist Alley FAQs

Q: How do I sign up for a table?

A: All artist alley hopefuls are required to submit application/portfolio of the artwork you plan to sell at the convention. This portfolio should include:

  • Name of head seller and any helpers (Legal names that can be confirmed with ID)
  • Phone Number/s to be reached by at the convention
  • E-Mail Address
  • Artist’s webpage (if available) to be used in programs/brochures
  • A mock setup of your artist alley table, displaying your merchandise. If you have sold at previous conventions, a photo of your setup will be fine. If not, please look online for examples of artist alley tables, and set up a mock-table at home!
  • Six detailed examples of your work

Please email this information to

Q: How much do tables cost?

A: $125.00

Q: How do I get extra badges?

A: A single badge comes bundled with the table cost. You can get up to two additional badges for $25 each if ordered before December 20th. If you have help that arrives during the weekend of the convention, please contact the Artist Alley head.

Q: What are the hours of Artist Alley?


 6:00 PM: Artist Alley Room Set-Up

 11:59 PM: Artist Alley Room Closed


 9:00 AM: Artist Alley Room Set-Up

 3:00 PM: Artist Alley Room Opens for general attendees

 Open throughout convention


 Open all day


 4:00 PM: Artist Alley Room Closes for tear down.

Q: When can I expect a reply on my emails?

A: Within 48 hours, depending on what’s being asked we may have to talk with other members of staff.

Q: Do I need to tear down daily?

A: You can, this year we’re going back to a room we were in previously. It’s an open room that has no way to lock it. So if you leave anything on the table it won’t be protected if you leave.

Q: When can I come to claim my table?

A: Thursday around 6pm-Midnight. Or Friday 9am-2pm.

Q: What if I can’t get  to the convention before opening on Friday?

A: You will need to contact the Artist Alley Directors on Thursday by either phone or email to let them know of the delay. If you have not contacted the Directors by Friday an hour before opening, 2pm, your table will be forfeited. Obviously the earlier you can let the Directors know the better.

Q: Will my stuff be supervised?

A: No, the convention staff is not supplying volunteers to watch over the room this year. We may have a person that checks badges, but that would be all.

Q: What is allowed for me to sell?

A: Fanart! But in all seriousness, the artwork able to be sold must be from the artists that have submitted works in the portfolio. If there’s going to be more than one artist to a table we recommend including an extra 6 pieces of work so that both are properly showcased. Mass-produced items are not allowed: having works sent off for someone else to manufacture. We also don’t allow copy-paste work.