Alexa Heart


Alexa Heart is an internationally recognized, transgender cosplayer, creator, make-up artist, and LGBT activist based in St. Louis, Missouri. Active in the cosplay scene since early 2013, Alexa emerged as a prominent LGBT cosplayer in early 2014 after both speaking and guest appearances at some of the US’ largest conventions . Because of her openness and accessibility, Alexa has been hailed as “the ambassador of the LGBT cosplay community” – a title she says belongs to each and every cosplayer. Alexa has appeared in OtakuUSA and was a featured talent in Cosplay Culture Magazine in 2017. She also has several small production projects upcoming including appearing on the IGN series “Hero Makeover” where she shares her story of how cosplay has helped her life. In addition to her cosplay exploits, Alexa also owns the geek glassware company Everyday Geek.

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2 pm – 3 pm


Alexa will cover topics like Age, Race, Body Image, Gender, and how to overcome fears and obstacles society has placed in front of you! We will also cover cosplaying with disabilities and how cosplay is for everyone! This panel will run 45 minutes and have a short Q&A near the end.

8 pm – 9 pm

What Goes Under There?

In this panel we’ll talk about UNDERWEAR!  Now get your mind our of the gutter!  Looking good in your cosplay outerwear, a lot of times is through the magic of underwear!  We’ll talk about shapewear, padding, thinning, and basically shape shifting to help morph you into the character you want to be!


12 pm – 1 pm

Coming Out Cosplay - LBGT Community Panel

Alexa Heart, a transgender cosplayer, discusses her decision to transition with the support of the cosplay and geek communities. She’ll cover the obstacles she’s faced and how she has used these challenges to help push for equality for everyone in the geek community and beyond. (additional panelists will be added when available) this will be a 45 minute panel with a short meet and greet after Q&A