ACRs Maid Cafe

Every year thousands flock to Tokyo to visit the unique maid cafes of the otaku haven, Akihabara. Unfortunately, we know thousands more are not able to visit Japan. So Darling Doubutsu and it’s amazing staff have promised to bring an authentic maid cafe right to you!




Every year we bring in a group of talented maids and butlers from all over the country to entertain and serve you for a weekend! For only a small fee, you can get a full meal as well as access to special performances and fun events hosted by our cute maids all weekend long! Don’t miss out on the fun! We can’t wait to serve you!

Get to know the adorable maids and handsome butlers that will be working for ACR 2018! New Staff members will be added closer to the con, so keep a look out~!

We’re all staffed up for our 2018 show! Check out our staff using the ‘Meet the Staff’ button above!

Check out our hours of operation! Seats are known to sell out fast, and who likes long lines? Use this to plan ahead so that you don’t have to wait too long~